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When you sleep well, you live even better. Texas Sleep Clinic is here to provide comprehensive sleep medicine that improves your overall quality of life.

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Don’t let poor sleep health affect your everyday life. Take control and let Texas Sleep Clinic show you a path to the restful sleep you need.

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From sleep studies, diagnosis and treatment, to CPAP machines and equipment, Texas Sleep Clinic is your complete sleep health solution.

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Texas Sleep Clinic is your premier provider of diagnostic sleep studies and treatment. With convenient locations in Beaumont and Ft. Worth, Texas Sleep Clinic provides the ideal environment for your sleep study in private and comfortable hotel–like sleep rooms. We use the latest digital diagnostic technology, along with specially customized software, to ensure the highest quality of sleep evaluation.

A sleep study at Texas Sleep Clinic provides your sleep physician with the crucial data necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sleep disorders including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Shift Work Problems, Parasomnias, Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movements.

A simple, noninvasive overnight visit for a sleep study can uncover potentially dangerous sleep disorders and can lead to treatment that can change a person’s life. If you suspect you may have a sleep disorder, ask your primary care provider to make a referral, or you may call us directly to schedule an appointment.

If you are not getting the quantity and quality of sleep your body requires, call the team at Texas Sleep Clinic to get the rest need…because better sleep means better health.

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– K. Tucker , Sleep Study Patient

Do you suffer from a sleep disorder?

Take our online Sleep Quiz to find out if you may be suffering from a sleep disorder.

Sleep Quiz

0 = no chance of dozing 1 = slight chance of dozing 2 = moderate chance of dozing 3 = high chance of dozing
Chance Of Dozing
Sitting and reading
Watching TV
Sitting inactive in a public place (e.g a theater or a meeting)
As a passenger in a car for an hour without a break
Lying down to rest in the afternoon when circumstances permit
Sitting and talking to someone
Sitting quietly after a lunch without alcohol
In a car, while stopped for a few minutes in traffic

*This test is not meant to serve as an official diagnosis or substitute for treatment.