It’s Time to Rest…

At Texas Sleep Clinic, our one priority is getting you the rest you need.

Sleep is as important to the body as eating – but nearly one in every three Americans fails to get a good night’s sleep for various reasons. About 100 million are chronically sleep deprived, and that number is rising due to changing lifestyles and increased family and financial pressures.

An estimated 40 million Americans feel exhausted because they are experiencing a sleep disorder… and most don’t even know it.

About 95 percent of people with sleep disorders go undiagnosed and untreated, simply because they do not realize they have a problem or think that nothing can be done for them. Chronic sleep disorders can disrupt family life, affect productivity at work, contribute to motor vehicle accidents, and even result in death.

Don’t neglect your health by simply learning to live with the constant feeling of being tired. Texas Sleep Clinic can determine the severity of your sleep disorder and help you get the rest you body needs.

Just a wonderful experience every time I come to my appointment.”

– S. Rhodes, Sleep Study Patient

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